E-Commerce Development

E-commerce has transformed the way people sell and buy over the past years. Busy people are focused on convenience and easy access to goods and services. That becomes possible due to shopping online with a wide range of products instead of driving to the offline store and choosing among the limited amount of products.
E-commerce allows small businesses to expand and gain market share as well as provides competitive advantages to established companies. Leveraging websites is vital to thriving in the industry.
We develop for leading e-commerce platforms as well as provide custom solutions.

E-Market Websites

Clothing, jewelry, home decorations, and many more products are selling online. It’s still a good time to join the e-commerce trend and grow your business.

HLI Systems ensures that you’ll get the latest solutions implemented. Our approach is simple – we help you to find and get clients to your store.

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Website development, design, cross-platform compatibility

The website should be unique and persuade customers to purchase products in your store. At HLI Systems, we treat this with seriousness, providing web development with the best practices in the field. Our in-house designers ideally understand your brand uniqueness and put them into the website template.

We carry a series of tests to improve sustainability, security, and cross-platform compatibility.


Acquire buys through targeted ads, social media, and SEO. Further, optimize conversion rates and improve performance with advanced but easy-to-use analytics tools.

There’s only a shortlist of possible Analytics Tools, which can be implemented:

  • Conversion analysis across product categories, segments, and individual products
  • Create product bundles to increase average check
  • Learn which products bring you the highest value
  • Cancel ad campaigns on low gross margin products
  • Identify which marketing channels generate the highest customer value at a low acquisition price
  • Optimize overall marketing costs
  • Divide data by device, geography, day, time, or channel
  • View seasonal trends
  • Get daily/weekly/monthly/annual performance reports
  • Get live-time reports

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Healthcare Websites

The healthcare industry goes online to leverage the benefits of the Web.

Imagine a website, where patients could communicate with doctors and get comprehensive consultations without visiting the health center. Moreover, patients can directly purchase treatment programs and medicine. Busy people will surely appreciate these features. Finally, if patients want to have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor, they’ll be able to arrange a meeting just in one click away on their smartphone or tablet, describing symptoms so that the doctor will be prepared for your visit.

HLI Systems guides your healthcare business and helps you to enter the e-commerce market successfully, gaining many benefits and increasing revenues.

Real Estate & Mortgage Websites

We offer professional and tailor-made websites for real estate agents and teams.

We design solutions to help you grow your mortgage business, increase the quality of traffic through referrals and branded marketing campaigns.

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