We have partnered with Salesforce, to provide the best CRM and facilitate to generate new leads, close deals faster, and market more efficiently for you.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on creating an unmatched, adequate experience for your customer experience. It keeps your existing clients happy and acquires new ones faster.

Salesforce’s Features:

  • Account and Contact management
    You get a complete view of your clients, which includes their history of activities, contacts, communications and internal discussions.
  • Opportunity Management
    View details required in your customer’s activities. Acknowledge your competition and level. Manage your sales management and processing of business.
  • Sales Data
    Manage your data efficiently, use it to strategize new ideas and get to generate more leads. The sales data is foremost for your business’ growth.


At HLI, we start with the evaluation of your current business practices. In our Implementation procedure, we include setup, configuration, and customization, as per Salesforce’s implementation practices. We collect the information about the requirements of customers, on the base of which, we create a strategic plan.


Our Salesforce Integration services include strategy, development, and management. This for a constant flow of information from the cloud to cloud, premise to premise and premise to cloud platform. By integrating Salesforce applications with third party ERP applications, it provides a blended view of multiple business applications.