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i-survey - Intelligent surveying software

How much do you really know about your customer base?
What do they think of your product or service?
Why do they buy your product or a competitor´s product?
How can you increase sales?
How can you increase customer loyalty?

A properly engineered survey can tell you this and much more.

i-survey is designed to allow unlimited surveying via the internet.
i stands for intelligent - allowing the survey to pose questions based on previous responses.

Better than a human interviewer - i-survey never gets tired or cranky. It doesn't have any personal bias to sway results. And when the survey is over, you'll have a wealth of data at your fingertips including user specific data like how long it took to answer a given question. Your survey or test can easily be linked to an award module to dole out awards based on test performance, user number, or any criteria you'd like.

To learn more about i-survey please contact us.

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